Genius Hour week 3 Blog..

The past few weeks we have been learning a lot about our topic and getting more and more interested.  We have been learning just about the same things as last week, but we have just gone more in depth. We both  have gotten a good amount of notes and good reliable sources on our response pages. We have researched more stats like seventy-six million people have been exposed to alcoholism in their family, nearly fourteen million people abuse alcohol or are alcoholics, and one-third of all traffic injuries are related to alcohol abuse. I have been learning a lot lately about how I am learning , and what I get from it is that I am a fast learner and I can understand things and catch on very fast in class. I know this because I was gone one of out Genius Hour work days and when I got  back the next work day I caught up to everyone else in one class.

                 We have had troubles finding some good sources, but we have managed to figure them out and we have officially made our website.  Our website is just getting started, it is a blogging site so you go and read the informative blogs that we put up. These blogs will have information like statistics, real-life stories, effects, and dangers. We have only got a website and we are working on setting it up right now, and putting information about ourselves.

This is our website link, but we have not had any blogs put up yet.

2nd Week Genius Hour Blog.

My genius hour idea is the dangers of drinking. I have learned a lot about this topic like the dangers, long term effects, short term effects, risks, and the stats on people who have died from this. Alcohol can make for a good time and a lot of people do it but I think most people do not understand what the drink is actually doing to their body.

To me I think I have learned a lot about myself as a learner. I have learned that I am better at looking it up myself and figuring out information. I think I learn a lot more when I am reading by myself because I can think and concentrate more than when I am with a group or class. I have not found many real-life stories from people on websites, but I have found a lot of good, trustworthy, and popular websites that are very good sources for my spreadsheet.  Me and my partner have gotten a lot done in my opinion, we both have good amounts of notes about our subject. We need to look at some more websites and do more information then we will be making a website. Our website will be based on the dangers of drinking, have some of our good sources, and have information that people can go look at.

This is one of our sources that we have gotten a lot of out information and notes from. I recommend going to this website of you want to learn more!



Simpson College Visit

For our 8th grade college visit I went to Simpson University. Simpson is a private college with around 14,000 student, which is very small compared to a public university. The best part of the trip to me was just getting to tour the campus and seeing all the pretty sites. I was very surprised when we learned that there could be a class with only eight students! The campus looked like there was very old building, but it made the campus look better, I thought the campus was really tiny compared to other colleges that I have been too.

Simpson is mostly just about music and the arts, but you can also go there if you did not want too pursue in those things. I like this school because, like they said, it is small and you know mostly everyone. Our tour guide also said that it is much easier to get help from the professor because there is such a small number of kids in each class that you can easily get help unlike a class with two hundred kids.

I had a lot of fun on the visit to Simpson, it was very cool to see the campus and learn about the college life. This picture is just to show what the campus looks like.

College Hall at Simpson College

Genius Hour Idea..

For our classes genius hour I am focusing on over drinking or the dangers of drinking too much. I think this is a good subject to work on because it is very important , and a lot of people do not take it seriously like they should.  This topic is very interesting to me and I am very excited to start learning more and more about this topic. There is so much to learn about this like: real life stories of people that have had problems with alcohol, consequences of being overly intoxicated, United States laws about drinking, how serious this subject really is. Alcohol has ruined many people lives from addiction, taking their lives because they are intoxicated, or taking their family because of an accident that happened.

My goals for this project is to make a webpage and show people that this is a very important subject  to think about. Another goal is to reach out to people by the facts and stories that I will put up on the page , so they notice the subject and take it seriously. I Will measure my goal by the amount of people that ask me about my topic and know about it when I am all done.

This website tells all about the effect on a humans body when drinking alcohol. When drinking, a lot of people do not know that the alcohol is having a bad effect on their body, but in the long term it can lead to very bad health problems.

My Blog So Far!

Altogether on my blog I have posted 6 blogs. From talking about food to writing about my sister and her own blog. Every one of my blogs were school based or given too me by  my teacher. Put together I only got 8 comments. I got some from some of my classmates, my mentor, and my teacher. There was two posts that got the most comments which is only two and they are on the ¨All About Me¨ and the ¨Am I Different” posts. The post I most enjoyed writing was the blog about my sister, is because I knew exactly what I was going to write about.

Be Aware of Hurricanes!!!

Natural disasters happen all the time but some of the worst only happen once in a while. There are many types of  natural disasters such as: hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunami, wildfires, earthquakes,blizzards, dust storms, and volcanoes.

The natural disaster i´m writing about  is hurricanes. First of all if you don´t know hurricanes are huge storms that happen in water. They spin inward and upward counter-clockwise at speeds of seventy-five to two hundred miles per hour moving twenty to sixty miles per hour. A hurricane usually last up to one week before it stops.

      The  speeds of the hurricanes or so strong that it pushes the water onto the land, which can lead to serious flooding  cars getting taken by the water, people getting taken by the water and much more.  Mostly hurricanes happen in the Pacific Ocean and they also happen in the Philippines have gotten hit with more than 20 tropical storms and typhoons.

When in a hurricane you need to know the local evacuation route, if you are at or in your house you need to get supplies for a couple days  without power or electricity and you cannot leave because of serious flooding. If you live in a area where there is hurricanes thing that you would  need to do to your house would be having a power generator so if your power gets cut off you have the generator, make sure there are no loose limbs or damaged trees so they don not fall on your house . For more information about how/what to do during a hurricane go to

picture by maf04

picture by maf04

picture by kakela

picture by kakela

Visiting new sites!!!!

I visited Bridgetteś blog.  Bridgette is 9 years old and she lives in Australia, she is in 3rd grade and absolutely loves her animals including: her two dogs and two fish.


The next page I went to is Andreaś. Andrea is from the United States she is 12 years old and she goes to a private school in Houston. Andrea loves to play tennis and  her favorite place to shop is lululemon so she can get tennis clothes/clothes to where everywhere.


I visited  Zu´s blog. Zu was born in Thailand and she has been in America for 6 or 7 years. She goes to Blackhawk Middle School and she is in 7th grade. Some of her favorite things are spicy food and hot cheetos.


Next I looked at Almassaś blog. Almassa is from Senegal she is 14 years old and her hobbies are picture taking and traveling. And her favorite band is One Direction. Her motto in life is ¨if its not food , its not relevant.¨


Next was Abbyś blog. Abby is 14 years old and she is from the United States. Volleyball is her all time favorite sport. And her favorite team is Notre Dame.

I am looking at is Penelopeś blog. Penelope is from Australia. She is 8 years old and she is in 2nd grade. Penelope has 2 older brothers. Penelope loves doing sports, she does swimming, ballet, gymnastics, and Indian dancing.


Next was Kyleeś blog. Kylee is in 3rd grade and she goes to Falls-Lenox school. Kyleeś favorite thing to do it go horse back riding because her favorite thing ever is horses. She goes riding every Tuesday.


Jemmaś blog is what I looked at next. Jemmaś favorite hobbies are reading, playing sports, acting, art , and hanging out with friends. Sports are her favorite, her favorite sports are handball, netball, and cross country.


Next blog was Seths’s blog. Seth is 10 years old, he has 4 sibling including 1 older brother and 1 younger brother also 2 younger sisters. Seth’s hobbies are playing xbox, playing tennis, and hanging out with friends.


The last blog I visited is Kameronś blog. Kameron loves to play baseball and basketball. Kameron has 1 brother. Kameron is in 7th grade and favorite subject is math. His favorite movie is Fast and Furious 7.




      One if the most favorite/best food in America is popcorn. Popcorn is famous for being at movie theaters but is only sold 30% of the time, or being in a little bag that you just put in a microwave which is sold 70% of the time. There is many types of maize/corn like pod corn, sweet corn, flour corn, dent corn, flint corn, and popcorn then there is kinds of popcorn including: sweet, caramel, buttery,salty,kettle corn,white, etc. Some fun facts about popcorn is that Americans consume about thirteen billion quarts of this treat, Nebraska produces about two hundred and fifty pounds of that, and popcorn is the official snack of Illinois. Some types of popcorn can be a healthier snack for someone who does not want the salt or butter. There is two types of popcorn snowflake or mushroom, the snowflake shaped popcorn is bigger in shape and is usually sold in movie theaters. In one cup of popcorn there is 1,600 kernals and one kernal can pop up to three feet in the air. “Orville Redenbacher” is the #1 best selling brand of popcorn, the inventor name is Orville who started planting in 1919 when he was just twelve years old! The story about the pilgrims bringing over popcorn there is still no evidence that they did that.

picture by: o5com

picture by: o5com


Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is a serious problem in the United States and on a lot of other places too. Cyber bullying is when someone is being mentally and some way physically abused over social media. In a lot of cases of cyber bullying the person is being bullied by several people, or a lot of people see what is happening but are not doing anything to help this person. In my opinion people who are cyber bullying other innocent people are just to scared to say it to that persons face. Most of the time theses bullies do not even know who they are bullying, they might know of them but not who they actually are. This type and all types of bullying makes it hard for anyone to go through , they will have to live with the fact that nobody wants to hangout with them or be friends because of one little thing that changed everything.This type of bullying  can lead to self harm, someone taking their lives away, and serious depression.

My Sister!!!


This is my sister Sydney. Sydney is 21 years old and she lives in Dallas, Texas. When Sydney was going into college she got a scholarship to Iowa State but then later decided she wanted to go to Oklahoma State. Her boyfriend attended college there and that might be one reason she went there but she still really loved the school. So she started at Oklahoma State for her second year of college and she graduated there last year. Sydney had started a internship or job her last year at Oklahoma State with College Fashionista where she had her own blog where she gave fashion advice, opinions, and wrote about what people were wearing around campus.

Now today she has a job in Dallas with her own blog and working on social media at a very popular hotel called Omni Resorts .  Sydney´s blog that she has today is about her daily fashion, her opinions on clothing, and she has a little post telling everyone about herself.

The link to Sydneyś blog –